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It is unfortunate that Vernal Car Advisers was unable to attend the international launch
of this beauty in Barcelona, Spain. The E Class Coupe which sits between the C Class
Coupe and the S Coupe has landed in the South African shores. More exciting news
is that it has the same engine lines as the sedan but it’s a pity there is not yet a word
on the E43 Coupe yet.. but can you imagine how beautiful that would be.[...]
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So there it is then: the all new Ford Fiesta, also one of the best-selling hatches in the
world and Fords’ best seller. According to Ford, the fiesta has sold 17 million units
ever since production started in the mid 1970s.
One of the variants showcased in the slider above includes the ST-line like the R package
in VW so don’t confuse it with the high performance ST.. Second in the line-up is the
crossover-styled Fiesta Active which is most probably going to rival the cross polo and
then finally the next best thing before the ST-line, the Titanium 5 door.[...]
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Introducing the all new Mazda cx-5, which adopted some of design DNA
from the cx-9 which unfortunately Mazda did not see a need to offer to the South
African market. Seems like Mazda has gone all out on this new cx-5 because it looks
very good and totally different to the outgoing model
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Welcome everyone to the facelifted Golf, and provided that it’s the biggest seller at vw
the sales are most likely to go even higher. The facelifted golf underwent changes in
styling, engines and technology that will sweep you off your feet. This makes the Golf
even more competitive, in fact I cannot think of other hatchback in the segment that offers
this much tech.. but anyway let’s get into more detail of what the Golf “7.5” can offer.

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Now presenting the new Mercedes Benz X-class.. yea yea I know it hits the ear wrong
right??... but anyway, Mercedes has been trying to fill up every niche, which is why now
we have a pick up from Mercedes to fill another niche.[...]
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Howdy ho chaps, this is the all new Mercedes-AMG E63 4Matic+ and E63 S 4Matic+ and
yes it is the most powerful E class yet. The folks at affalterbach have turned this executive
saloon into a monster that can sprint from 0-100 in just 3.4 seconds, yes people, we live
in a world where an executive saloon car is faster than the Porsche 911 carrera 4s PDK.
I know they’re not in competition, this is just for emphasis okay... right let's move on to the… [...]
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Dudes and Babes, Fish and Chipps
This is the Mercedes AMG C63 S Cabrio, which has recently been launched in Cape Town
for the South African Market just in time for summer. A standard one will set you back
around R 1 571 072.00 which is not bad considering just how pretty it is. The obvious
competitor for this Cabrio from Mercedes is the BMW M4 Convertible. So which one looks
better?? I’ll just leave some side by side pictures and let you decide.
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new BMW 5 series, in fact, seventh generation
to be exact. BMW has shrunk the 7 series and made the 5, which don’t get it twisted,
is not a bad thing given the fact that the 7 series isn’t so bad.
It seems BMW is aiming to rival the already impressive Mercedes E-Class. [...]
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If you are a “liker of things” and you are looking to buy a car, one of the systems you
should look out for is Apple CarPlay, as the name suggests, it’s designed to work with
Apple smartphones.
Find out more what Apple CarPlay is [...]
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The fifth Gen Land Rover Discovery
Before anything else, let’s talk about the Discovery’s history. The original Discovery
was launched back in 1989 (27 years ago). The “Disco” (Discovery) had 3 doors at the
launch. Since Land Rover obviously felt like 3 doors weren’t enough, they went ahead
and gave it 5 doors, this happened in 1990. When freedom came to South Africa,
BMW bought Land Rover, the Disco also had too many flaws, one of them
being gearbox failures. In 1998, BMW pumped in money and launched the Discovery
2. Two years down the line, Ford came into play and bought Land Rover for a [...]
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Introducing the new Hyundai i30 which is set to arrive in South Africa by mid 2017, which we must say
look rather good. Given the new infotainment system and the new sexy headlights, although we are not really convinced about the rear end of the i30. All that is forgiven though, because under the bonnet there is the new 1.4-litre T-GDI turbo engine which produces a neat 103kW, the entry level non-turbo i30 motor (which will probably be thirsty) also has a 1.4-litre that produces 73kW.
For Those who prefer diesel hatches, a 1.6-litre is also available. we are happy to announce that there is a 7 speed dual clutch transmission, and a 6 speed manual is also available for those who love being in control of things [...]
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It's a smart way forward Stay,... plugged in and on the pace. The new sexy Mazda CX-3.
5 Things you may not have known about the Mazda CX-3
The Mazda CX-3 has been around for a while now but is still very competitive in the
small SUV market. At launch, there were 3 models consumers could choose from,
which all have the same engine, but different specs.
Here are 5 cool things you should know about the CX-3 [...]
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Fuels prices are generally high in South Africa, so given this here are some ways and
tips to reduce your average fuel consumption and get more kilometers out of your fuel tank.
Consumer driving tips to reduce your fuel costs [...]
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So there it is then,... The new Volkswagen Tiguan which recently launched in SA.
Back then, the SUV/Crossover was not a thing now they are the game changer and the
market seems to be responding to them, Volkswagen presented the Tiguan at the 2015 IAA.
Since 2008 when VW started production in SA noticeable changes haven't been made up util now,
primarily in the engineering side of things [...]
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The New Nissan Micra is on its fifth generation now, it was revealed earlier this month so
we kinda late with the story... The new Nissan seems to have hit puberty because it looks
bigger, and better, not that it has anything to do with puberty... alright moving right along.
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